DOCUMENTARY: The Magic Pill, 2017, Director Robert Tate

DOCUMENTARY: The Magic Pill, 2017, Director Robert Tate

The Magic Pill, is a must see documentary on nutrition for health and healing. I personally have been an extensive reader on the subject of nutrition and health for over 3 decades. There is a lot of great science and work in this area, but much is contradictory and confusing.  I have settled on what I believe to be the best science in this area after much investigation.  With this background I often read books or watch documentaries with very good information but find them to be missing crucial pieces to the puzzle.

The Magic Pill just might be the most comprehensive and accurate portrayal of the larger picture that I have found to date. In the documentary they follow numerous people with various chronic illnesses as they follow “clean diet” for two and half months based on the science presented in this documentary. The diseases include diabetes, dementia, asthma, obesity, attention deficit disorder, and even autism. The impact they demonstrated that healthy nutrition can have is nothing short of amazing.

Additionally, they examine real studies supporting this approach as well as the very flawed science the FDA used for the American food pyramid that flat out is opposite of what will create health. In fact, this flawed science not only added so much confusion to what is “healthy” nutrition, it is surely what has caused our modern explosion of obesity and diabetes in the western world. This is a great documentary worth checking out on Netflix or Amazon Prime. It might actually save your life.


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