Dangerous by Milo Yiannopoulos

Dangerous by Milo Yiannopoulos

Dangerous by Milo Yiannopoulos is a wonderful read by a very important figure for our current times. Milo was the Breitbart managing editor for their technology reporting division but emerged as a very important figure among youth and young adults during the Trump election.

In a time where the Progressives have dominated the media and absolutely attacked free speech in the U.S. with political correctness, Milo emerged as a very important spark to reignite free speech and liberty among college campuses where the progressives have taken over and indoctrinated the our young people in this country.

The divisive leftist progressives attack and try to ruin anyone and everyone that doesn’t hold their views. They portray themselves as tolerant and inclusive but in reality their actions show they are neither unless you hold their views. Their favorite weapon is political correctness which they use to attack and label everyone with opposing views as “intolerant”, “homophobic”, “racist”, “bigoted” and much more.

Those attacks never worked on this liberty loving, outspoken, 2nd Amendment loving character that is very intelligent and articulate all though quite flamboyant. He became a huge hit speaking on college campuses with a new generation fighting back against the tyranny and brain washing on college campuses. His support of Trump absolutely made the progressives crazy.

The leftist tried all their usual attacks on Milo with no avail. They called him homophobic, racist, and bigoted which was hilarious considering he is openly gay and quite flamboyant. He is also an immigrant, Jewish, and very openly admits he prefers black men.  He is very intelligent and very articulate when it comes to arguing the real facts and absolutely destroying the non-fact based attempts to shut people up by the left.

He led a movement across college campuses calling out the leftist tactics and lies creating a new movement for liberty among American youth. A hero for sure.  In this book he tells this story. His many YouTube videos of the college campus talks are wonderful as well. The leftist pressured publishers to drop this book even though pre sales had already put it at the top of the bestseller lists. So he self-published, and of course with the left trying to suppress it I had to buy it! So as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!


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