Devil’s Bargain by Joshua Green

Devil’s Bargain by Joshua Green

Devil’s Bargain by Joshua Green, is a hard to put down book. Tells the story of Trumps historic campaign and win but most importantly of all the players in this journey. The key figure I find fascinating is Steve Bannon that was so crucial to Trump’s win.

I think the story is told very accurately with exception of the authors trying to paint Steven Bannon as a radical right wing racist and Trump as a lunatic. He tells the story of the campaign extremely well but continues to make the major error the mainstream media did all along………..which is that everyone agrees with their own far left views. He subtly tries to paint Bannon and Trump as radical rightwing nuts and the lefties he is a part of as centrist while many of us view Bannon as centrist conservative and them to be radical left wing nuts. This error is why America pushed back and said no more, with hopes pinned on Trump to shake up the corruption and hopefully change the government run by leftist radicals for the last decades.

It’s easy to ignore the author’s clear leanings as he tells the story of this historic campaign and election in a quite enjoyable fashion. He and the radical left continue their identity politics placing them further out of touch with America and blinding them from reality at their own peril. Most enjoyable was the in depth telling of Bannon’s history, a fascinating and important key figure in this time of our history. So as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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