Transcending Fear by Brian Germain

Transcending Fear by Brian Germain

Transcending Fear by Brian Germain is an interesting book in the self-help genre that I had to check out since I know Brian. In my early skydiving years he and I both spent numerous years on the same drop zone. He has since built a great career and empire in designing parachutes, coaching, writing, and speaking.

My undergrad and grad degrees are in psychology which I think is why I’m often turned off by the peddlers of self-help books. Many of the people I have run into in psychology field need more help than the buyers of their books.

However, Brian has lived a life of thrill seeking and doing so, I had to check out his twist on overcoming fear. All that being said about my lack of appetite for self-help books, he actually wrote a useful book that cuts to the chase with some good advice from a person that has walked the talk in his own life. Fear holds so many people back from achieving their dreams and to me demands examination as the author does in this book.

His book references a lot of the great works in psychology but he delivers a more to the point, easy to understand book that to me is more along the line of great performance coaches used by top athletic competitors. His supporting stories from his own experiences are fun and illustrate his points well. A useful book in this genre that is worth your time. So as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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