The PARACHUTE And It’s PILOT by Brian Germain

The PARACHUTE And It’s PILOT by Brian Germain

The PARACHUTE And It’s PILOT by Brian Germain is a book for those in the sport of skydiving, a much narrower audience than usual for my reviews. That being said it’s an important book filling a previously unmet need in the sport of skydiving and the skydiving literature.

I’m a rule breaker, and that may very well be why I skydive but is absolutely why I hate to say “should be required reading in skydiver training”. Not one to advocate more requirements or rules for sure however I will say this book is certainly a great resource and recommended reading for all skydivers since it addresses the most critical part of skydiving………..safely piloting our canopy to the ground without injury.

The book in a short and precise manner addresses techniques, skills, safety issue, navigation issue, design issues and even psychological issues involved in parachute piloting. Sounds like a lot but Brian put it in a concise, clear, quick read.

For those of us that want to push the limits for more thrill seeking, this book gives very sound training advice, that’s well backed up, for Swoopers and Swooping, something the skydivers out there know what that means. His advice will help you enter the world of Swooping with better chances of surviving.

For skydivers this book is definitely worth your time.  So as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!


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