Empire Beneath The Ice by Stephen Quayle


Empire Beneath The Ice by Stephen Quayle

Empire Beneath The Ice by Stephen Quayle is one of the key recent books in the conspiracy world. Stephen Quayle is a known figure in the conspiracy and biblical prophecy arena. In this recent book he writes about many years of work looking at the possibility that Hitler and other key Nazi leadership staged Hitler’s death and escaped at the end of WWII to a secret base they had been preparing in Antarctica.

Also key to this story is they had developed anti-gravity technology that is behind the UFO craze that swept the world post WWII when all the UFO sightings began. This is one of the big hot conspiracy theories today. With Secretary Kerry, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, even former President Obama visiting Antarctica in past couple years there has certainly been some increased buzz around numerous conspiracy theories surrounding Antarctica.

Clearly this book is not for everyone. I’m always willing to entertain the conspiracy theories since every once in a while they hit on some truth and I enjoy exploring them. I would say if you are one of those that enjoyed watching the Hunting Hitler series on The History Channel this book would be of great interest to you. For those that automatically discount conspiracy theories out of hand as crazy without entertaining the facts presented, skip this one for sure. So as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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