Cyberspies by Gordon Corera


Cyberspies by Gordon Corera

Cyberspies by Gordon Corera is a very well done and objective overview of the history of surveillance and digital espionage from cracking codes in the early wars up to very recent events like WikiLeaks, Snowden, and Apple’s standoff with the U.S. Government over encryption. This book was not meant to be a comprehensive history at all but takes you through time very intelligently to give you the evolution of this area. The author then gets into great objective discussion about the modern day issues and of course addressing the big one of security vs. privacy.

I have an interest in this area and have read numerous books on the subject. This is certainly one of the good ones and is particularly good for those with an interest in exposing yourself to the issue or keeping up with them without reading numerous books on the topic. It’s up to date, well written and objective.

In this day and age much writing is from a biased or agenda driven point of view even when authors pretend to be objective. This book was refreshing in its objectivity. I highly recommend this book. So as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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