DOCUMENTARY: Zero Days 2016 Alex Gibney


DOCUMENTARY:  Zero Days 2016 Alex Gibney

Zero Days is a fascinating documentary about cyber warfare in the 21st century. Many watching this will think it’s a documentary about the Suxnet worm used to destroy Iranian nuclear centrifuges. It in fact does tell the detailed and interesting story of this worm which of course is more complex than what was shared about it in the press. However, by the second half of the documentary they do a great job examining the much broader and more important ramifications of unleashing devastating types of cyber warfare that can in turn be used against us too. In fact they explore how there were multiple generations of this worm used before the last one was detected through a mishap by an ally.  The consequences of the detection include putting this devastating code in the hands of our adversaries for them to study, modify, and potentially use against us.

This is an interesting and thought provoking documentary very much worth your time!

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