Clinton Cash 2016 Director M.A. Taylor is a must see documentary for everyone before getting in the booth and pulling a lever in November!  This documentary is based on Peter Schweizer’s bestselling book documenting in detail how the Clinton’s have used their public positions of power to sell their influence to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. In many cases to foreign powers that are not friends of American and even in some cases outright enemies.

One detailed example is how Hillary used her position as Secretary of State to sign off on a deal selling the rights to 20% of American uranium mining rights on U.S. soil to a front company for Putin/Russia while pocketing over $100 million in the Clinton Foundation from those in the front organization that benefitted from the deal. THEY SOLD AMERICA OUT TO OUR ENEMIES!

They also demonstrate how the Clinton Foundation is not a very charitable “charity”. Great example of that claim is how the Clinton Foundation raised millions of dollars for Haiti after it was devastated by the earthquake and yet only 10% of the money made it to Haiti. The money that did make it to Haiti  benefited the people that gave the foundation the money by getting business projects done that weren’t even in the earthquake damaged regions of the country.

The Clinton’s are the worst kind of treasonous criminals, selling out America while profiting personally in massive amounts. This documentary clearly documents the facts that point to the Clinton’s deserving nothing but a life in prison!

This documentary can be seen right now in its entirety for free on YouTube so take a good look at the truth behind the biggest crime family in America!

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