Focus by Daniel Goleman


Focus by Daniel Goleman

Focus by Daniel Goleman is a book focused on an area of inquiry of great interest to me reflected by some other reviews on this site. In this age of information overload and constant distraction from constantly available streams of data through all our gadgets, it seems we are creating widespread attention deficit behavior and lack of focus.

Daniel Goleman who brought us such landmark works as Emotional Intelligence writes eloquently connecting the most current knowledge in the neurosciences to this modern day ill of constant distraction. He does so in an enjoyable and easy to read style.

One note of complete irritation is when experts in their area dabble inareas they shouldn’t. He does dabble a little in a tangent about climate change and global warming only succeeding in showing us all how this expert in his own space is completely ignorant of the science and facts in another area. They really should stick to their area of expertise. Other than that irritation it’s a worthwhile read so as usual, Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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