Failures Of Imagination by Michael McCaul

Failures Of Imagination

Failures Of Imagination by Michael McCaul

The author, Michael McCaul, Congressman and Chairman of The Homeland Security Committee portrays numerous possible terrorist attack scenarios to show us what the threat to our homeland might be. This is done to awaken us to the threat we live under. As you can see by the title his premise is based on how we didn’t see the 911 attacks coming because we lacked imagination. His scenarios are reality based but are extremely elementary and definitely lack imagination. If this is what our government is thinking as they strategically and tactically examine prepare to deal with our vulnerabilities then we are in trouble.

In our modern time of regular terrorist attacks around the world most people with a pulse are aware of the possibility of such scenarios. Many of us that are tactically minded have looked at the vulnerabilities and risk at tremendously greater depths than this book even comes close to examining. Really a disappointment but what was I expecting from a congressman?  If you have lived in an information vacuum you might learn something from this book but otherwise I would pass on it. There are so many great books out there to explore these vulnerabilities so don’t waste your time on this one. So as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back………….just not this one!

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