Documentary: Deep Web (2015) directed by Alex Winter

deep web

Documentary: Deep Web (2015) directed by Alex Winter

Deep Web is a fascinating documentary on many levels. First it defines the “Deep Web” , some call “Dark Net”. I find that even most who have heard of the Deep Web and understand it, struggle to articulate what it is when they attempt to explain it to those that have not heard of it.
On another level it seriously examines the roots of Libertarianism, privacy, role of government, and Constitutional rights as it tells the story of Silk Road, one of the original black market sites on the Deep Web. Silk Road became a huge success so naturally the government came after it resulting in the arrest of Ross Ulbricht who was credited with starting Silk Road.

Another area this movie so expertly illustrates is how our corrupt government and legal system deliver anything but Justice. If you think you have rights and are innocent until proven guilty as we all expect in the U.S., this documentary will shatter that illusion. Whether you believe Ross was guilty of real crimes or not the court did not allow the examination and presentation of massive amounts of key evidence resulting in a sham trial but also resulting in Ross getting a sentence of Life in prison. Yes in an American courtroom.

This film certainly is about technology, and with the focus on Silk Road can’t avoid the topic of the War On Drugs and whether they should be legal or not. More importantly this film is really all about tyranny vs. freedom, government power vs. individual liberty that was protected by the U.S. Constitution, and the absolute corruption of the U.S. Justice system that now delivers anything but justice. A fascinating documentary available on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and more. Worth your viewing time!

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