Documentary: Point And Shoot (2014)

Point and Shoot

Documentary: Point And Shoot (2014)

Point And Shoot is a fascinating documentary about Matthew VanDyke, a young, shy, aimless young college graduate with obsessive compulsive disorder buying a motorcycle to tour the ever turbulent Middle East. He just flat out decided to do it, followed through and did it, and captured it all with his GoPro cameras.

This journey was clearly transformative for this young man. He ended up making some close friends in Libya on this life changing journey. So when he finally got home to the U.S. and the Libyan war broke out, he returned to fight alongside these friends. He ended up in a middle eastern prison for some hard time.

It’s absolutely amazing he survived it all and made it home. And yes he captured most of this life threatening experience with his GoPro cameras resulting in a fascinating documentary. An incredible story captured with some incredible footage!

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