The Great Deformation, by David A. Stockman


The Great Deformation, by David A. Stockman

The Great Deformation by David A. Stockman might be the single most important book on the destruction of true capitalism in the U.S. by cronyism and the government ever written. This is a MUST READ book for people who truly desire to understand the complicated financial world around us! This isn’t finance and politics, more importantly it’s everything that effects your life. What your money is worth, what kind of employment and business opportunities you will have, if you will be able to retire, how you vote, and what you need to hold your government accountable for.

Do you watch the news, read the paper, and listen to your financial advisors attempting to make sense of what is really going on in our economy? THEN YOU KNOW NOTHING. Sound bites and special interest agendas ensure you are getting anything but the truth.
Were Greenspan and Bernanke genius’s that saved us from disaster or great destroyers of capitalism and America? What Presidents destroyed the free market and set the U.S. up for destruction through their administration’s policy? Who were the conservatives that undermine their own values and ensured Keynesian disaster in our economy? Who were the last Federal Reserve Chairmen and Presidents that ensured a sound U.S. Dollar and economy? This book has such answers and is so packed with intelligent analysis you will be awed and inspired.

Even more fascinating is the authors look at Quantitative Easing, TARP, and the government undermining of true free market forces. The chapters dealing with the modern financial engineering by the today’s corporate executives is absolutely worth the price of the book itself. He so clearly shows how the modern rollup through acquisitions and mergers is more often than not financial engineering to blow up stock prices and make quick money while killing companies in the long term by straddling them with massive debt. In this section of the book you will also get a real understanding of what stock buy backs are really all about. These chapters are more than worth the price of the book.

The author David A. Stockman was a Michigan congressman in the 70’s, later joining the Reagan administration as a budget director. He also spent decades on Wall Street and was a partner at The Blackstone Group. He spares no one in his hard hitting look at all the players in American financial history and how they have destroyed real capitalism and our country in the process. He doesn’t even spare the Reagan administration that he was a part of.

This book is long (718 pages) but is so well written it flows. Because of this it’s an easier read than most books half the length. If you read one book on this topic in your life this would be the one! So as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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