DOCUMENTARY: Pandora’s Promise (2013) By Robert Stone

Pandora's Promis

DOCUMENTARY: Pandora’s Promise (2013) By Robert Stone
Pandora’s Promise is a fascinating look at meeting our energy needs. Like so much in our very technical and complex world we get sound bites from the media that is agenda driven, designed to spark emotion, and convince us to take a side on an issue. This film gets to the detailed facts. Something necessary but completely missing from such debates.

This film examines our rapidly growing energy needs in the world and how nuclear energy is the best option to meet them. How coal, oil, and gas are dirty, costly and dangerous. They also expose how solar, wind and other alternative methods have no possible chance of meeting the ever growing energy needs.

Fascinating part of this film is that a few staunch lifetime green types are central to making this case since once they really examined the facts and details they realized they were completely wrong and on the opposite side of the debate that their values and belief’s would direct them to.

Some very key points of this film were the new designs in reactors that are light years different than what was used in Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and even Fukushima. Something very interesting was the different types of nuclear plants. The light water method generates a lot of waste while the other method reuses waste for fuel and produces tiny amounts of waste. I have been squarely against nuclear energy plants due to the waste issue and getting all the facts paints a dramatically different picture.

Energy is something we all completely rely on for our modern way of life. Without it we would be propelled into the dark ages. We should all get all the facts on something so central to maintaining our way of life. Get on Netflix and get some of the facts with this great documentary.

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