Battlefield America by John W. Whitehead

Battlefield America

Battlefield America by John W. Whitehead

John Whitehead is an attorney, founder of The Rutherford Institute, watchdog, and leader in the fight for the Constitution and civil rights. Battlefield America which is his latest of over a dozen books he has authored was just released and may be his best yet. This is a MUST READ book for all Americans and for all that love freedom!
His treatment on the militarization of law enforcement is fair and honest for both sides of the debate and superbly done. He backs up his case with great facts and figures. The area on technology and privacy is also masterfully done and part of why this is absolutely a MUST READ for all Americans!

Additionally he also logically addresses the ignorant, dangerous, and prevalent idea of “why should I care if the government listens to my calls and reads my email, I have nothing to hide”. Exactly the surrender of our freedoms that tyrants desire. The other prevalent and dangerous idea he brilliantly addresses is “the police and military are just doing their jobs”. Great if the job they are doing is upholding Constitutional laws, something they are sworn to do. But if they are taking orders that have them doing a job that tramples on the Constitution they are no different than the SS working for the Nazi regime. In fact “I was just doing my job” was actually the center theme of the famous Nazi Adolph Eichmann’s defense at the Nuremberg hearings. That defense doesn’t cut it at all and our law enforcement and military have to decide where they fall because they will each end up in the end having followed their oath to uphold the constitution or tragically be no better than a Nazi “following orders” and trampling all over it.

Not only is this book extremely important, but is also written well so that it’s easy to read and digest. I URGE EVERYONE TO READ THIS IMPORTANT BOOK ASAP! I strongly suggest you follow this book with Three Felonies A Day, a book I reviewed on this site in January 2015. You won’t be able to put it down but you might not be able to sleep after digesting this one. So as usual Hit The Books They Don’t Hit Back! Book, Book Reviews, Battlefield America, John W. Whitehead, The Rutherford Institute, Three Felonies A Day, Harvey A. Silverglate, The U.S. Constitution, Freedom, Liberty, Civil Liberties, Human Rights, Law Enforcement, Militarization Of Law Enforcement, DHS, FBI, CIA, NSA, Military, Tyranny, Electronic Concentration Camp

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