Inside Job

DOCUMENTARY : Inside Job (2010)

This is a very well done and informative documentary on the crimes committed by the U.S. Government and Wall Street bankers causing the massive housing bubble, and near financial collapse of 2008. This film really explains how it all happened in a way that is very accessible to the lay person. Maybe most important, they explain the giant sham called derivatives that are a complete sham very clearly a ticking time bomb. And of course since the 2008 financial crisis the derivative disaster has exponentially grown setting us up for cataclysmic collapse in our near future.

The film makers certainly lean toward deregulation being the cause of all these problems. I’m never easily sold on more regulation and government, especially since the government was complicit in this crime spree through the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations as so clearly demonstrated in this brilliant documentary. However, even I can admit the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act did allow all the crime and cronyism by Wall Street and the U.S. Government to happen.

As a libertarian I still lean toward less regulation however we should’ve and could’ve fixed this problem that has been made even larger by U.S. Government’s horrible response to the crisis in 2008. The real fix simply would require enforcing existing laws, putting criminals in both the U.S. government and banking industry in jail, and most importantly NOT bailing them out. This could have finally stopped this ongoing criminal enterprise. We should have let these “to big to fail” institutions perish instead of reward them with riches at our own expense for ripping us off and endangering us in the first place. Instead the crime spree continues and exponentially grows with real disaster over the horizon.

This is a must see film for everyone to gain understanding of this massive crime in a way that the media never really exposed to us.

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