The Enemies Within by Trevor Loudon

The Enemies Within

The Enemies Within by Trevor Loudon

I had to buy this book after seeing the author interviewed on a recent news show. Trevor Loudon has emerged as one of the leading experts in the world regarding the Progressive/Socialist/Communist takeover of the American government.

During the interview he talked about the complete progressive takeover of the Democratic Party resulting in a party with absolutely nothing in common with the Democrats of our parents’ generation that was more conservative than many Republicans today.

He more interestingly talked about the Republican Party today which he asserts is made up of three distinct groups. About a third of the Republican Party is Progressive/Socialist/Communist just like today’s Democrats. A third is totally in denial of today’s terrain. These are most often noticed because they usually think if we just get along and compromise everything will be okay. They in reality are just as harmful as the Progressive Republicans through their complete ignorance of the battle for freedom now in it’s advanced stages. The last third are the real Constitutional Liberty loving conservatives. The only thing left between the complete fall of the U.S. to the Progressive/Socialist/Communist takeover.

This book goes into great detail regarding this takeover specifically in the U.S. Congress. He goes into great detail over 675 pages including profiles of specific members of congress and their detailed Progressive/Socialist/Communist connections. This book is hugely important and very well footnoted and supported. In spite of the length, this is a quick and easy read so as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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