DOCUMENTARY: Terms And Conditions May Apply (2013)

Terms and Conditions May Apply

DOCUMENTARY: Terms And Conditions May Apply (2013)

This is a fantastic documentary looking at technology, privacy, and how industry and government are building an all seeing big brother surveillance net around the world. As the title “Terms And Conditions May Apply” eludes to, one of the alarming things explored in this documentary is how everyone clicks “agree” on the terms and conditions for service agreements and web sites. Many of these agreements we don’t read includes language signing away our privacy rights including giving our information to the government without any warrant or cause.

An alarming but critically important documentary for everyone in this digital age! If you are one of those, or surrounded by those who say “I don’t care if they read all my text and emails, I don’t do anything wrong” this is the wake up call film for you. If this documentary doesn’t wake you up then just disconnect the life support because there is simply no functioning brain present!

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