Three Felonies A Day by Harvey A Silverglate

3 Felonies A Day

Three Felonies A Day by Harvey A Silverglate

Three Felonies A Day by Harvey A Silverglate is a groundbreaking and important book. This law professor and practicing attorney makes the case that the massive number of arcane laws, vague and poorly written laws, and prosecutorial misuse of power all combined have badly undermined our legal system and constitutional protections. Basically it’s created the kind of government oppression similar to the Stalinist way in the old Soviet Union where if you “show me a man I will find you the crime he has committed”.

As the title represents we now live in a society in which there are so many laws that every person in the U.S. is committing three felonies a day whether they know it or not. Of course in U.S. law, ignorance of the laws existence is not a defense against prosecution. Additionally the often poorly written and vague laws leave a lot of room for creative and aggressive prosecutors to badly abuse the system to go after people. A terrifying environment that many are completely unaware until they become the target of such activity. Then it’s too late as their lives are often destroyed.

Combine this with the issue I have read a lot about outside the scope of this book, namely the constant illegal intrusion by government into our calls, emails, texts and constant surveillance even illegally without cause or warrants, and it’s clear we have a total police state erected around us already.

Many people say they don’t care about all the surveillance because they are doing nothing wrong. These people should be very alarmed. This author makes the case you are a sitting duck because you are breaking three felonies a day whether you know it or not. It’s just a matter of when they want to use it against you. TIME TO WAKE UP PEOPLE! So more important that ever, HIT THE BOOKS, THEY DON’T HIT BACK!

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