Biohazard by Ken Alibek


Biohazard by Ken Alibek

Biohazard by Ken Alibek is a very informative look in to Russia’s biological weapons program by the man who built it into the largest bio weapon program in the world. The Author was a senior scientist that worked his way to the top of the biological weapons program in Russia. In the leadership role he oversaw Russia’s biological weapon’s program expansion into the largest in the world. Ironically this expansion and dominance in biological weapons occurred over the years of the Gorbachev administration. A time that Russia had signed agreements with the United States to stop biological weapons development. I time touted as the “end of the cold war”.

This expansive program worked with some of the world’s most frightening organisms such as Ebola, and Marburg viruses. These programs have successfully innovated ways to weaponize and deliver already very dangerous organisms. This book clearly illustrates how many of these non-proliferation treaties and agreements are simply a farce.
This is a fascinating read so as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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