The New Digital Age by Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen

The New Digital Age by Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen

The New Digital Age by Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen was a real disappointment. I will read books by people on the opposite end of the political spectrum from and often enjoy them. It’s from those with very different views I often learn the most.

I chose to read this book with an open mind to try and understand where these two Google executives are coming from. There were some good nuggets of information but overall I would say this book is a real snoozer and not worth your time. They certainly come from the perspective of technology can solve many of our problems, a point I full heartedly agree with. They attempted to appear balanced by pointing out some of the possible dangers and misuses of the same technologies. That being said I found them to be disturbingly surface, sterile, and unwilling to dive into any of the issues in the depth they deserve. Worse, they don’t really seem to have an opinion on anything. Their opinions when offered were more like the bullshit you get from politicians unwilling to take a stand. The very stuff I’m sick off and find myself having very little tolerance or patience for. I like people that have something to offer, will take a stand, and support why they do whether they agree with me or not. I just can’t trust anyone that lives in the PC bullshit realm all the time like these guys.

These guys are at the top of one of the most diverse, powerful, and advanced technology companies in the world. A company that is buying up satellite, robotics, and artificial intelligence companies like crazy. They are at the forefront of some of the most advanced technologies to transform or even harm our world. I’m sure they have access to more than enough information that they could’ve have written a fascinating and illuminating book. Didn’t happen! Don’t waste your time on this one. However, as a truth seeker and book lover I have to end with Hit The Books They Don’t Hit Back! A better choice for your prized reading time might be Search And Destroy by Scott Cleland with Ira Brodsky which I reviewed on this site in February.


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