Cold Sun by John L. Casey

Cold Sun by John L. Casey

Cold Sun by John L. Casey is a “must read” book for our times. In an age where the masses are increasingly flooded with information and yet so misled and misinformed by the agenda driven mass media and crooked governments. Some real science for the sake of finding the truth is so refreshing. This is a short, and informative read about real climate change that everyone that has given a second of thought to “global warming” should read.

Real science is about finding the truth. A theory or hypothesis can be examined against real data and if it is a solid one will stand up to scrutiny over time. More importantly when scientific theories rise to the top as being correct their predictive success is very high adding the most support for their usefulness.
This author with his own work, and quoting top scientist and their studies around the world clearly illustrates how the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) theory which is the global warming caused by man’s production of CO2 is politically driven, incorrect scientifically, and is the biggest fraud being perpetuated on the masses today.

Using real solid science from centuries of study makes a much stronger case for Relational Cycle Theory which is based on solar cycles and planetary cycles being the primary driver of weather patterns here on earth. Solar scientist over many centuries of study have identified different sun spot cycles including one that is approximately a 1,000 cycle, one that is a 206 year cycle, and a 12 year cycle at which sun activity cycles up and down and directly influences earth’s climate. The data clearly show’s patterns and has the highest predictive success in the sciences for our macro weather patterns here on earth.
Top line of what this science shows is that the 206 year cycle is one at which every 206 years the sun goes into “hibernation” in which sun spot activity decreases significantly. This correlates directly with a 10-20 year period of cooling on earth with longer more intense winters around the globe. This cool period has always been preceded with peak sun activity with highest periods of CO2 (as a result, not a cause) and warming for decade or two preceding. Also there is a very strong relationship where once we go into the decade or two of cooling the earth quake and volcano activity greatly increases around the world.

And guess what……….as of 2 years ago we started entering this cooling period where ice is increasing in the glaciers around the world, winters will be more intense and longer, and we have a couple of decades of this ahead of us. Hmm……………didn’t we just set all sorts of new low temperature records this winter?
Very enlightening science! Get the real truth! So as usual HIT THE BOOKS, THEY DON’T HIT BACK!

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