The Brotherhood by Erick Stakelbeck

The Brotherhood by Erick Stakelbeck

The Brotherhood by Erick Stakelbeck is another very important and up to date book exposing the depth of the infiltration of the violent strain of Jihadist Islam and its goal of Caliphate; one world under Sharia Law. This is the author’s second book following The Terrorist Next Door.

The Muslim Brotherhood was formed decades ago after the Ottoman caliphate failed. This is a very committed worldwide group from which all the smaller sometimes more famous terrorist groups like Al Qaeda where born. The main arm of the Muslim Brotherhood is a group of suit wearing polished folks that have visited the White House, infiltrated U.S. politics, and more. Yet they continue to deceive, financially support the more violent off shoots, and undermine western society every chance they get. If none of this is familiar to you do yourself a favor and get up to date. This book would be a great place to start.

 This growing threat will dominate the threats to free western society for decades to come and must be stopped. If you check out the “Book List” link on this site you will find a section titled “Islam” with 8 other important books to really dive into this topic. So as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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