White Girl Bleed A Lot by Colin Flaherty


White Girl Bleed A Lot by Colin Flaherty

This author and book has been called racist by the Politically Correct thought and speech police (of course including what is known as the Lame Stream media). Over the years I’ve learned that the PC troops will quickly resort to name calling when they can’t stand on facts to make a compelling case for their point of view. The result is that their name calling quickly got my interest up for this important and timely book.  I have always been most interested in seeking the truth.

In this day and age many of the PC run schools teach our children that it’s impossible for a minority to inflict a hate crime on whites, only whites can inflict hate crimes on minorities. This is the premise on which the PC thought police stand when slinging the “racist” label at Colin Flaherty.  For those of us that believe in the rule of law and freedom we know that a violent crime or property crime inflicted on a person just because of their skin color or religion or other group affiliation whether on white by minority or vice versa are all hate crimes and should be treated as such.  Of course the PC troops and Lame Stream media don’t see it that way at all and manipulate their reporting accordingly.

So along comes Colin Flaherty, an award winning veteran journalist that once was responsible through his reporting for getting a black man wrongly accused of violence against his white girl friend and wrongly imprisoned cleared and released. He writes this important book documenting the facts of a recent wave of racial violence, black on white, which is completely being ignored by the Lame Stream media not willing to acknowledge the hate crime nature and widespread pattern of these crimes over the last three years. In Colin’s first addition of this book he highlighted the hideous “knockout game” way before the press would even acknowledge it. Of course the press is still not fully reporting the nature of this hideous and often deadly hate crime. He also documents the even more disturbing pattern of under reporting and failure of our law enforcement and court systems to do anything about it due to the PC environment and their fear of being labeled racist.

What really ticked off the PC troops and lame stream media the most is that Colin reports the facts extremely well without a hint of attempting to “mind read” or guess why they occur. He just reports the indisputable facts. He even takes it a step further by including many QR Codes throughout the book so you can scan into your iPad or smartphone and see the videos documenting these events.  The documentation of fact is so strong the PC troops and Lame Stream media had to resort to name calling immediately as they have no facts backing up their point of view.  All of us know, and the author repeats over and over, that there are of course people of all races and groups that commit crimes. This is not what this book is about. It’s about factually documenting a wave of very specific, racially motivated, hate crimes being ignored by the media and law enforcement.

This is a super important book for all to read and understand for helping you in terms of protecting you and your family’s own safety, for you to put political pressure on our government to do the right things, and mostly understand the larger macro implications of this issue as was most eloquently stated by the talk show host James Harris of 620 WTM in Milwaukee when discussing this book:  “It is part of the perfect storm of entitlement, dependency, political correctness, and this whole idea of white guilt where we’re afraid to identify who it is that’s attacking and the reasons why they are doing it.” So as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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