Gun Control In The Third Reich by Stephen P. Halbrook

Gun Control In The Third Reich by Stephen P. Halbrook

Gun Control In The Third Reich by Stephen P. Halbrook is a new and very important addition to the historical record on the Weimar Republic and the Nazi regime that followed it in Germany. So much has been written about this period in Germany but so little focused on the gun laws and how they were used to prevent any resistance to the Nazi tyranny and genocide. This newly released book fills this important gap.

Essentially our 2nd Amendment which was written so a free people could resist a tyrannical government is at one end of the continuum with Germany and its laws at the other in which Germany completely disarmed its victims so they could abuse and murder them at will with little chance of resistance.

This book is an academic work recording this history with specific mission of keying in on the use of tyrannical gun laws. Unfortunately in modern America all the gun laws that have been enacted over recent decades are modeled after Germany’s. The facts clearly show that all the modern American anti gunners are screaming for laws and enacting laws that Adolf Hitler used to commit his crimes against his own countrymen. So yes Bloomberg sides with Adolf Hitler whether he knows it or not.

History is so important.  Without it we are destined to repeat the same tragic mistakes. So Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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