Extortion by Peter Schweizer


Extortion by Peter Schweizer

Ever wonder why companies donate to both parties?

Ever wonder why congressman say one thing and vote the opposite?

Ever wonder why congressman seem to vote against their own stated agendas?

We are trained by the media, news, and even fictional representations produced from Hollywood that politicians are bought and controlled by rich greedy corporations.  But what if the real truth is that reality is exactly opposite of that?  What if our political class in Washington DC is just like the mafia? What if they extort corporations using their threat of using the government power and lawmaking power against companies? What if the “big powerful greedy corporations” are actually victims of the crooked politicians on an enormous scale?

Peter Schweizer, the president of the Government Accountability Institute and a William J. Casey Fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, presents this case in his  incredibly well documented and well written new book; Extortion. This book is well written and supported. It completely blows the lid off the criminal racket run by our corrupt government.

Certainly the ability of this author to support this case suggests that the media has at very least completely failed to do their job and uncover this massive crime, or at very worst conspired to cover up this criminal racket. The reality exposed here shows that John Gotti is a harmless force in our society compared to the criminals in Washington DC. The evidence is compelling and overwhelming. We need to run the career politicians and bureaucrats out of Washington and never let anyone in any party serve more than one term until they fully enact Term Limits for Congress. The crime ring in Washington must be broken up! Discover the real story, pick up Extortion by Peter Schweizer.

If every American read this book 310 million people would march into Washington DC and string these crooks up to the first tree they could find. This is a very important MUST READ book. So as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back! Book,

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