A Government Of Wolves by John W. Whitehead


A Government Of Wolves by John W. Whitehead


I have to say it again…..This is a MUST READ BOOK FOR ALL!

John Whitehead a civil liberties watchdog, attorney, and founder of The Rutherford Institute goes very much beyond pointing out instances of the government and law enforcement completely ignoring our Constitution and law and indisputably establishes a disturbing regular pattern that is expanding into the norm. The norm now being beyond what George Orwell predicted in 1984. We are already in a total police state and when you open your eyes and see the facts it’s terrifying. The masses are asleep and can’t believe it due to their self-imposed ignorance and stupidity.

However, even if you are a person like me that is tuned in and watching this issue closely the author brings much more detail and supporting fact than you are likely to have noticed. He demonstrates how the 1st and 2nd amendments are under attack but even more importantly how the 4th amendment has be absolutely obliterated.  The author also documents many of the new technologies already be used by law enforcement, the military, and other departments of our government against its own U.S. citizens. He eloquently documents with facts how we are already surpassing the Orwellian police state. It’s not coming, it’s here!

He also gives a great glimpse into what’s coming in terms of technologies in development now. This book is super important, eye opening, and terrifying. So as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!  More importantly after picking this up and reading it, probably in a day or two since you won’t be able to put it down. Go out and buy copies for everyone you know. This book will be a great Christmas gift!

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