At The Brink by John R Lott Jr.

At The Brink by John R. Lott Jr. is an important and late book. If the masses of ignorant voters could have only had a real discussion on facts and figures before the election we might have saved ourselves from the disaster we are currently living. In this short easy to read book they would have learned more than listening to the press over the last 6 years.

John Lott is a Ph.D. Economist that has held positions at University of Chicago where he worked with and knew Barak Obama. He also has held positions at Yale, Stanford, UCLA, Rice and Wharton. His other books include landmark bestsellers such as More Guns, Less Crime and Freedomnomics.

In this latest book At The Brink he writes about how the Obama administration is the most radical in our history as a country. He discusses Healthcare, Taxes, Regulations, Stimulus, and The War On Business as only an economist can using real numbers and data. If you read the 50 pages or so, on Obamacare and our healthcare system you would know more on this topic than if you had listened to every debate and discussion on the news for the last decade. This is   a well written, well supported, and very important book. So as usual……………Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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