The Third Bullet by Stephen Hunter

The Third Bullet by Stephen Hunter

Wow, another installment of the great fiction from Stephen Hunter around his Bob Lee Swagger character with a very new twist. He takes this fictional story and spins it around the JFK assassination from the perspective of people with real gun expertise. This point of view has been missing from many of the conspiracy theories and investigations around this historical and tragic part of history. The result ends up being a fascinating piece of great fiction that offers what is a “could have been” explanation of the event.  This story is a result of the author and his friends in the shooting world pondering this historical even over a lifetime.

If you are someone who doesn’t know the famous Bob Lee Swagger you might want to explore these wonderful books. Stephen Hunter is the real deal in the gun community so his fiction was embraced by the shooting world unlike any other novelist. His trilogy that introduced Bob Lee Swagger is absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend reading them in this order:

Point Of Impact

Black Light

 Dirty White Boys


Point Of Impact was made into the big screen movie titled  Shooter with Mark Wahlberg which was a great movie but of course, not as good as the book. Other Bob Lee Swagger books that followed the trilogy were:


Time To Hunt  (1998)

The 4th Samurai  (2007)

Night Of Thunder  (2008)

I, Sniper     (2009)

Dead Zero  (2010)


For those of you who are gun enthusiasts you can often see Stephen Hunter who regularly appears on Midway USA’s Gun Stories on the Outdoor Channel.  So don’t wait program your DVR and as always Hit The Books, The Don’t Hit Back!

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