The U.S. Constitution A Reader edited by The Hillsdale College Politics Faculty

The U.S. Constitution A Reader edited by The Hillsdale College Politics Faculty

Most of you shouldn’t attempt to read this. Everyone should read this!  Okay let me clarify that contradiction. If you are one of those people that start a book and can never finish it don’t bother attempting this one you have no chance in hell of getting through it. Its 790 pages most of which are written at the time of the U.S. founding in a wording and different style of English that most are accustomed to today. On the other hand this material is so important that every American should have had to read it and study it extensively before the age of 16. This great compilation by faculty at Hillsdale College not only includes our U.S. Constitution but also the Federalist Papers, philosophical works that influenced our founding fathers, key presidential speeches and a chronology of the progressive attack on the Constitution spanning from Woodrow Wilson to present. Hillsdale might be the only institution of higher learning in American still properly teaching our Constitution and founding.  If you were a student at Hillsdale, regardless of your major you would be required to take the course on our founding that this book serves as the textbook.  A lot to study………..YES………..but what could be more important than FREEDOM.  Understand individual liberty, freedom, our founding and Constitution at an accurate and higher level than you will find in our current institutions of lower learning that have become the norm in our declining culture. Find the truth! Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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