I typically read 20-40 books over the year. Here on Top Picks I have chosen my favorite 3-5 books from the years reading. If you find that you have similar taste, this would be the page to use for your shopping list.  Enjoy!

Top Picks For 2013


1-     Antifragile, Things That Gain From Disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

 So much fun I couldn’t put this one down. The book I most enjoyed this year! Higher level thinking from a brilliant writer.  See full review posted June 2013


2-     Extortion by Peter Schweizer

 If you think you know how our government works and how corrupt it is……you need to read this important book. It’s far worse than you can imagine and it’s well documented here!  See full review posted November 2013


3-     A Government Of Wolves by John W. Whitehead

 The police state has already been erected far beyond what most Americans can imagine. Read this super important book before freedom is lost forever. See full review posted November 2013


4-     Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey M. Smith

The single most important issue regarding food and health of our time. Get up to speed now to help take this from hiding in the darkness to the light where the truth shall prevail. See full review posted July 2013


5-     The Liberty Amendments by Mark R. Levin

REAL SOLUTIONS from a liberty loving Constitutionalist lawyer and talk radio host. We could make these important moves to save our freedom and country. See full review posted September 2013


6-     White Girl Bleed A Lot by Colin Flaherty

A super well documented and important book about the new wave of racial violence sweeping the U.S. while the media and law enforcement ignore it. See full review posted January 2014



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