Winning The War Against Radical Islam by Dr. Robert A. Morey

Winning The War Against Radical Islam by Robert A. Morey is an important new addition to the vast literature on the true nature of Islam. The major religions of the world have been studied and validated since their inception. Certainly Judaism and Christianity are constantly studied, challenged, verified historically and academically. They continue to be studied and verified to this day. In contrast Islam is “insulted” and Muslims immediately demand apology and put out calls to murder anyone that questions Islam. Of course when your “religion” historically and academically turns out to be filled with huge discrepancies and falsehoods you have to resort to such tactics. Dr. Robert A. Morey examines many of these inaccuracies and documents where much of the Quran and books of Hadith were taken from…….the Arab Pagan religions made up of many gods that existed for hundreds of years before Islam’s existence.  Including the Moon and Sun Gods.  Quite frankly Islam does not hold up to its own claims when attempts are made to historically and academically verify it. Islam is so full of such discrepancies, how it ever even is considered one of the world’s major religions is amazing.

The biggest treat in this wonderful book is the author comes up with the best solution to the problem of radical Islam I have heard to date on pages 169-171. If the U.S. and Israel had the backbone to execute the authors plan we could solve this problem forever.  Great reading so hit the Barnes & Noble or Amazon links below and Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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