A Time To Betray by Reza Kahlili

A Time to Betray: The Astonishing Double Life of a CIA Agent Inside the Revolutionary Guards of Iran

In A Time To Betray Reza Kahlili tells his life story from child hood in Iran through the fall of Iran to the Islamist where he worked in the Revolutionary Guard and then became a spy for the CIA.  A great glimpse into what Islamist takeover is really about.  In short, despicable tyranny and inhumane violence.

Great story in easy to read form that would be excellent for all those ignorant defenders of Islam.   Even Reza who grew up in Iran and is Muslim came to the CIA wanting America’s help because of the terrible oppression and violence he witnessed. His story also documents the extensive involvement Iran has around the world in spreading terrorism and working closely with enemies of America. Hard to dispute the facts coming from someone who was on the inside of the regime as Reza Kahlili was.

So click on the Barnes and Noble or Amazon links below and HIT THE BOOKS, THEY DON’T HIT BACK!

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