The Venona Secrets by Herbert Romerstein and Eric Breindel

The Venona Secrets


The Venona Secrets is a very important book in American History. The authors take an in depth look at the thousands of documents declassified by the FBI in the 90’s called the Venona Papers detailing years of FBI investigation into to American Communists. This vast information combined with the opening of files post cold war over in Russia and other formerly communists block countries confirm the broad communist spy infiltration into the U.S. government in the 30’s and 40’s.

The detailed facts released confirm that communist spying suspects like Hiss and Oppenheimer were indeed spying for Russian communist. This new data also confirms that the Communist Party USA, in spite of their constant denial, are connected to the communist party in Russia and many of its members were spying for the Russian communists.

It’s now very clear that such spying enabled the Russians to create a nuclear bomb shortly after the U.S.  due to spying on our development program. Prior to the stolen secrets from our nuclear development program, the Russians were on track to develop their first nuclear bomb about 5 years after us if not later.

Many indeed got away with their treason against the U.S.  In a nut shell McCarthy was right! The truth eventually does come to light.

This is a great book but I don’t recommend it to the casual reader. It is a lengthy, more detailed, more laborious read than the average casual reader will enjoy. I do highly recommend this book for more serious consumers of books, especially those interested in history. Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!


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