The Great Cholesterol Lie by Dr. Dwight Lundell and The Great Cholesterol Con by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

Cholesterol Lie Review - What Really Matters In Heart Disease...The Great Cholesterol Con: The Truth About What Really Causes Heart Disease and How to Avoid It




If you are a bit skeptical of the “too good to be true” stories on statins,  and that skepticism grew after all the doctors, drug manufacturers, and press only talk about the up side of statin drugs and very little about the downside, then these two books are for you. Both of these books are written by Medical Doctors that don’t buy into the cholesterol theory that all statin drug treatment is based on.

In The Great Cholesterol Con Dr. Malcolm Kendrick does a great job reviewing all the studies this cholesterol theory has been based on. He shows how many of the key studies where very flawed. You can find The Great Cholesterol Con at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

Dr. Lundell is actually a heart surgeon that has done thousands of heart bypass surgeries and examined the inside of the arteries he has surgically bypassed. He has witnessed many of his patients that required such surgery that didn’t have high cholesterol. In The Great Cholesterol Lie he offers alternative causes for coronary artery disease and alternative changes to lifestyle to prevent such disease. This book was only sold electronically. It is downloadable in a PDF if you don’t have an electronic reader. You can find it at

Both of these doctors offer a very good alternative view to the cholesterol theory so entrenched in the medical establishment and data to support these views.  So……HIT THE BOOKS, THEY DON’T HIT BACK!

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