The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle

The Talent Code:Greatness Isn't Born. It's Grown. Here's How.

The Talent Code is a useful introduction and overview to what is really happening at “talent “   hotspots. He touches on the same thing Malcom Gladwell focused a lot of attention on in his 2008 book, Outliers.  They make the case that talent isn’t born, it’s developed.  A number talked a lot about in Gladwell’s book and touched on in Talent Code is real potential is identified and groomed early. To reach real mastery it takes about 10,000 hours of the right type of practice over ten years. Youngsters with potential are identified early and by 16 years of age many of the stars coming out of the “talent” hotspots in sports and the arts have invested at least 10,000 hours of the right  kind of coached practice over 10 years.  These numbers start to become out of reach for those starting later and to those less committed to make that investment and sacrifice.

What Daniel Coyle does is introduce to the lay person the neurological research that suggest what is happening during this 10 year 10,000 practice in terms of the neurological underpinnings of this skill development.  Although my educational back ground with graduate studies in psychoneuroimmunology have made me very familiar with the authors extensive focus on mylenization of neural pathways I’m always a bit skeptical of the overselling of such scientific discovery when a journalist like Daniel Coyle is spinning it into a book for the masses.  I think he is correct about mylenization it’s just presented as the end all be all and it’s a much more complex topic than that. That being said this is a great book for the lay person being introduced to it for r the first time. For those in the scientific community you will probably find much to be skeptical about.

From a coaching, teaching, and developing standpoint I think the author gives us a great look at what actually works for these hot spots that produce such top performance. Definitely a great book for anyone in the teaching and coaching professions.  So once again HIT THE BOOKS, THEY DON’T HIT BACK!

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