Dial 911 And Die by Richard W. Stevens


Dial 911 And Die by Richard W. Stevens is actually a very dry read however one I highly recommend. In all the debate that surrounds firearms and the 2nd Amendment I find a majority of the discussion and rhetoric to be emotional vomit not at all based on facts.  When rational people look at the massive data in crime stats, gun stats, international data, world history the evidence overwhelmingly disagrees with this emotional misinformed rhetoric that continues to live on in our daily press. So why is this dry read so important? It is basically a state by state survey of crime files by attorney and author Richard W. Stevens that illustrates one very important among many facts about  American crime rates and personal defense……………..WHEN SECONDS COUNT, HELP IS ONLY MINUTES AWAY! 

Americans are brainwashed into thinking that all they have to do is call 911 to save their lives when threatened by violent crime.  It’s what ignorant adults tell their children to do, it’s what is drummed into your head your entire life by TV and the movies. However, looking at real crime data across the U.S. you find out a dirty little secret that show how insane dialing 911 as a strategy for personal defense is. Assuming you get to make that call at all, the facts show that in over 85% of all 911 calls made to prevent a  violent attack or break in, the police arrive too late. They arrive after the crime actually happens with no chance of preventing the crime. Their only benefit at that point is to clean up the mess and take the report to hopefully catch the perpetrator later. I’m all for calling 911 and getting the report done and catching criminals but as a self defense strategy is flat out sucks.  That self defense strategy is likely to cost you or loved ones your lives.  If dialing 911 is your strategy to protect yourself against violent crime you will be DEAD wrong 8.5 times out of ten. Self defense is a personal responsibility that includes awareness, prevention, training, skills, and yes your 2nd amendment right to use firearm if you so chose.

So remember to click on the Barnes and Noble or Amazon links at the bottom of this page and HIT THE BOOKS, THEY DON’T HIT BACK!  If you have trouble finding this important book at one of my favorite stores; Barnes and Noble or Amazon, you can get it for sure at www.JPFO.org


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