More Guns Less Crime, Understanding Crime And Gun Control Laws by John R. Lott Jr.

More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws, Third Edition

When it comes to the debates raging about whether gun ownership causes more violence and death or not you see two very emotional and heated sides to the argument. On top of that the media clearly is on one side of that argument and has an agenda. If that’s the only part of the argument you ever hear you clearly are at danger of being what Lenin called one of the “useful idiots”.

I personally like to examine the facts. There are many academic books written on the effect of laws and guns on crime rates. Some well done and some are flawed as in most research. Many of the academics want to critique the way the studies were done and which ones are more valid. All this is part of the process to get to the truth. I highly recommend you read all or most of the serious academic works on this topic and decide for yourself. If you do so, as I have, you will very quickly realize that what gets reported in the media is clearly fiction. They flat lie to promote their own agendas.  If you want to bypass being an expert in this topic and get to the bottom line by reading just one book, I highly recommend More Guns, Less Crime by John R. Lott Jr.  There are many great books on this topic and there are of course critics of this work. However, this is the bible on this topic. This will get you closer to the truth than any other single book. Hopefully that will ignite your thirst for more of the truth and it won’t be your last book on this topic.

FACTS are very simple and supported by the studies of crime stats and law changes. When the 2nd Amendment is honored and legal gun owners carry guns, violent crimes such as murder, rape, assault, burglary drop and continue to drop over many years.

Of course those with an agenda will lie and twist statistics to make their point. Did you know many of the studies on gun violence that want to push an agenda define children as being ages 3 to25 years of age? This gives them stats to say gun violence is killing our children. However, if you include age 16- 25 you include the prime years of criminals for all types of crime.  If you define children as something like 3-16 the stats on gun incidents drops radically to almost insignificant. Based on such lies there is always an emotional ploy of we need to outlaw guns to protect our children. However the facts clearly shows pools kill way more children in this country via drowning than firearms do. In fact if you look at death rates for children below 5, more are killed in the U.S. by accidental drowning in things like 5 gallon buckets around the home than by firearms. When looking at the facts this type of lie gets exposed.

See for yourself. Take the first step to distance yourself from being one of the “useful idiots” described by Lenin and so dearly loved and courted by the lying media. So click on the Barnes and Noble or Amazon buttons on the bottom of this page and order now!  Hit the books, they don’t hit back!

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