Holding Your Ground by Joe Nobody

Holding Your Ground: Preparing for Defense if it All Falls Apart

Holding Your Ground by Joe Nobody was just released in 2011 and is gaining a lot of attention in the prepper community. This book focuses solely on defending your location. He also gets into some of the key strategic decision making points for evaluating whether to hold your ground or bug out.  This book is a very good introduction to the topic giving serious preppers some things to think about.  For non-preppers it’s a great introduction to the topic as well. The author, although unknown,  seems to be very well versed on the topic. My guess is he probably has some kind of military background.  He clearly points out that this is not comprehensive resource and does point you in direction of some other good resources.  Information is presented in easy to read fashion with many supporting illustrations.  Is a quick read with good information in a compact 166 pages. Not for everybody but worth your money and time if the topic is of any interest to you.

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