New Deal Or Raw Deal by Burton Folsom Jr.

New Deal or Raw Deal?: How FDR's Economic Legacy Has Damaged America

New Deal Or Raw Deal is a recent (2008) re-examination of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt  (FDR) administration. This book is very well supported with facts and foot notes. Fascinating look at the presidency that was a total disaster and did great harm to this country. His implemented New Deal policies continued to do great harm to our great republic up to the present financial crisis we find ourselves in today.

Of course FDR’s legacy has been rewritten by the agenda driven text book writers that can only make this legacy look good by producing pure fiction. I speak from experience as I have read much of this fiction in my daughter’s text books over recent years. New Deal Or Raw Deal straightens out the record.

Facts support that FDR’s terrible policies prolonged the Great Depression. He was unable to get us out of the financial crisis. The facts show that the War probably turned us around after his policies kept us in financial ruin for many years.   His policies gave us the entitlements that have continually wreaked destruction upon us since. Under FDR we had Federal Income Taxes reach 78% in the highest bracket.  Would you go to work if the government confiscated 78 cents of every dollar you earned?

The truth points to this president being one of the worst in history and most destructive to America.  You disagree? You believe the fiction from the text books?  Then why did the U.S. finally get the will to pass law creating term limits for Presidents after experiencing this monster for a decade?   The facts just don’t match the fiction we have been fed about FDR.  I challenge you to take a look for yourself. Excellent book! I highly recommend this one!

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