Woodrow Wilson And The Roots Of Modern Liberalism by Ronald J. Pestritto

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Woodrow Wilson And The Roots Of Modern Liberalism by Ronald J. Pestritto is a very well done look at one of the most harmful figures in American history. Pestritto examines the extensive writings of Woodrow Wilson and the influences on him throughout his life. This 28th President of the United States is touted as the leader of the Progressive movement. He is certainly a key figure in pushing this country into bigger government and the beginning of the long slow death of this great republic. He clearly and openly wrote about his disdain for our Founding Fathers and the U.S. Constitution. He promoted the idea that the Constitution is outdated for the times and must be interpreted loosely. This is an important book about a key figure if you want to understand our history and how we have gotten so far off track as a republic. Our Founding Fathers left us a very clear recipe for freedom. Woodrow Wilson is a key figure in understanding how we have departed from this recipe. Woodrow Wilson could very well be what history shows to be the beginning of the end for America. A clear and detailed understanding our history might be our only hope of getting back on track and saving this great republic which has been the greatest hope for freedom in a world dominated by tyrants.

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