Radical In Chief by Stanley Kurtz


Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism

Radical-In-Chief by Stanley Kurtz is a fascinating read. The author gives a well supported in depth look at the people and groups both Barack and Michell Obama have been extensively involved with for most of their adult lives. Unlike the name calling that is so common in politics, it appears that when people call Obama a collectivists by any of the flavors it comes in (Communism, Marxism, or Socialism) they are making well supported claims. This is a “must read” book for everyone with a voter registration card. Learn what this guy and his wife are really all about. When you start to uncover the truth you also realize how the media is bringing you anything but! As we already have seen in 2008, Ignorance Is Dangerous, Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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