Liberty Defined by Ron Paul

Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom

Liberty Defined By Ron Paul is an excellent and very enjoyable read. This is a book I would have never purchased but read when a friend lent it to me. Watching politics closely and watching all the recent debates and the polls, I had developed the theory that Ron Paul must be great communicator in writing to maintain his following because he appeared to me to have trouble explaining and selling his ideas verbally. After reading this great book I would have to pat myself on the back and say my theory appears to be correct. Ron Paul truly gets it on most the crucial issues including the most important ones of Liberty and the proper role of government.

To me his major flaw that probably keeps him from leading the polls or winning a presidential race is that he just misses the boat completely on understanding Islam and the nature of that threat. Additionally he appears to miss the boat on National defense. Even though I strongly agree with him that we should not be the world’s police, safety net, or nation builders there is a place in a true libertarian free society for strong Military action. If you truly believe that real liberty is an individual’s right to be free from violence or coercion via threat of violence, and having property rights then there is a place for a Nation’s military to take decisive action against foreign threats that infringe on those three true rights.

I could definitely get behind this guy if he could articulate a sufficient answer in that area. I don’t support long conflicts and nation building. I certainly don’t like how we have conducted our action in the Middle East under any administration up to this point. However, if we leave people alone and do our thing as a free country (not that we are a free country in our current state) and someone attacks or threatens us, we should stomp them without hesitation and with no mercy. Do it quickly and then leave them in complete ruin to pick up their own pieces. Let the rest of the world see we will not mess with anyone but if you mess with us we will devastate you and leave you in  a state of complete ruin without picking up the pieces for you or paying for your recovery. That would send the right message on all fronts. We would practice freedom, leave them alone, but protect our freedom at all costs.

If Ron Paul could just get the Islam issue and National Defense issue right, he nails the rest. He could do great things to restore the U.S. Constitution and Liberty in this country. This book is enjoyable and definitely worth reading.

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