Cypherpunks by Julian Assange with Jacob Applebaum, Andy Muller-Maguhn, and Jeremie Zimmermann

Cypherpunks by Julian Assange with Jacob Applebaum, Andy Muller-Maguhn, and Jeremie Zimmermann

Cypherpunks is a very interesting short book in the format of being a script of these four leaders in technology discussing the future of the internet. This discussion is very informed in terms of their deep technical knowledge yet in the context of the continuum lying between the great freedom the internet gave the world with access to information and it’s potential to turn the world into a surveillance police state.

This surveillance train left the station years ago and has progressed significantly in recent years. This is major issue despite so many people remaining ignorant on the issues. This discussion is timely and of great importance. The direction we are headed can only be altered with innovation and technology to change how the current technology architecture exist and is deployed.

A very interesting and thought provoking read so as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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The Rise Of Superman by Steven Kotler

The Rise Of Superman by Steven Kotler

The Rise Of Superman by Steven Kotler is a great exploration of “flow”, sometimes called “being in the zone”.  This state of consciousness in which we are in optimal performance and focus. The author does an excellent job of giving the lay person an overview of studies in the neurosciences and other scientific fields around this optimal state of performance and how people induce it.

I was initially alerted about this book because some of my hero’s in the realm of thrill-seeking sports like skydiving, BASE jumping, mountain climbing, and Skiing are in this book. The state of “flow” is certainly not limited to such endeavors. We can reach “flow” while working on complex problems, in sports, in arts, and in just about any of our activities in life. However, thrill seekers make an excellent study group for flow.

Much of the work in the neurosciences show that when people reach a “flow” state their brains look very different than in normal activity. Much of the brain that is active when we are easily distracted gets quieted while other areas get very active with an intense and undistracted focus. Thrill seekers reach this often and it’s believed they so easily go into the ”flow” state because their lives literally depend on their focus. This makes them a great group to follow when studying the “flow” state. The author even points out these thrill seekers aren’t really adrenaline junkies but more accurately are “flow” junkies.  A state of calm, peaceful, intense focus in which it feels like everything is working perfectly. This is a great read for anyone interested in optimal human performance so as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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Mohammed’s Koran by Peter McLoughlin and Tommy Robinson

Mohammed’s Koran by Peter McLoughlin and Tommy Robinson

Mohammed’s Koran by Peter McLoughlin and Tommy Robinson is a very important “must read” book for any and all people that want the truth. I’m very well read on the topic of Islam and felt no need to do more reading on the subject but when Amazon and Barnes & Noble became censors along the lines of the Nazi book burners (strong yes, but they both banned the sale of this book) that was all it took for me to add it to my reading list. I easily obtained new copies for sale on the internet.
You could easily get this truth from many other well written and not yet banned books. In this book the authors are blunt and straight forward in calling out the well supported facts about Islam. I think there were two differentiating things that got them banned.

First, they directly take on the MYTH that “Islam is a peaceful religion”. It is NOT and they support this fact very well.

Second after you read the first 100 pages, they include a well-established translation of one of the worst books ever written, the Koran. Many will read the first hundred pages and be done with this book but reading the Koran enclosed is illuminating. They discuss that in order to understand this hard to comprehend confusing gobbly gook of words you need to understand abrogation. This refers to how proper teaching of the Koran will take the chronological order of the verses within the Koran and when they conflict the later teachings from Mohammed cancel out the earlier ones. This is exactly how Imams interpret and teach the Koran within Islam. When you do so it becomes crystal clear it is propagating hate and violence through Jihad. Not the completely made up “Jihad” from defenders of Islam talking about the internal Jihad. No, fact is the Koran preaches violent Jihad and it’s all very clearly stated over and over in the Koran itself. Of course, the great value in reading it for yourself is you see first hand the truth and you also quickly realize that most defenders of Islam haven’t read the Koran at all or they are LIARS.
There are many great books on Islam, over the decades. Here are a few I have read and recommend:
America Alone by Mark Steyn
Because They Hate by Brigitte Gabriel
Is Fanatic Islam A Global Threat? by Victor Mordecai
Islam Unveiled by Abdullah Al-Araby
Muslim Mafia by P. David Gaubatz & Paul Sperry
The Islamic Invasion by Robert Morey
The Brotherhood by Erick Stakelbeck
The Sword Of The Prophet by Serge Trifkovic
Winning The War Against Radical Islam by Robert A. Morey

Of course in the last couple decades if you call out Islam for what it really is you also have to include the completely false statement “Islam is a religion of peace, it’s just the radical fringe that is violent” or you will be called a bigot or your book will even get banned from our modern day “book burners” (Amazon and Barnes & Noble). So, seek the truth for yourself, HIT THE BOOKS, THEY DON’T HIT BACK! 

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How Dogs Love Us by Gregory Berns

How Dogs Love Us by Gregory Berns

How Dogs Love Us by Gregory Berns is a wonderful book for all “dog people”.  All dog lovers will tell you how their dogs are part of the family and clearly smart loving members of the household. Yet  humans are famous for projecting their bias and emotions onto others.

The author, a “dog person” himself one day was wondering if dogs really love us back the way we love them. After all it’s quite possible they could just put up with us for shelter and food but really not have an emotional bond or love for us the way we do for them.  This idea led the author who is a neuroscientist that spent his entire professional career studying human brains in fMRI’s (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging), to get a crazy idea of studying his beloved canine in a fMRI to try and answer that question.

fMRI’s (functional MRI’s) versus standard MRI’s allow us to see the brain in action during tasks to get a real look at what parts of the brain are active during these tasks. In humans this works well because they can communicate and be given many tasks that allow them to be perfectly still which is required to get proper images. Dogs have only been imaged in MRI’s while anesthetized. Many experts thought it would be impossible for dogs to remain still enough for imaging while awake.

This book takes us through the story of how they trained dogs and did the very first canine fMRI studies once thought impossible to do with dogs. This gave us the first glimpse into the very rich mental and emotional lives of our best friend.  This is just the beginning of real science of understanding canine minds. So I will stop there and not give away the authors conclusions so you can enjoy the journey he takes you on for yourself. This is definitely a journey worth taking for all my fellow “dog people”! So as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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DOCUMENTARY:  Heal (2017) by Kelly Noonan Gores and Adam Schomer

DOCUMENTARY:  Heal (2017) by Kelly Noonan Gores and Adam Schomer

Heal is a great documentary with the latest thinking in holistic healing and health. Was good to catch up in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology which was my field of study over 25 years ago in grad school.

Like all fields it has continued to grow and progress. This documentary takes the lay person on a very well thought out and presented tour of this field making it very accessible to all. They do a phenomenal job helping people understand the role of genetics accurately. Genes are not a locked in stone path or fate. Despite genes we have a very significant impact on our path and outcomes.

Clearly western medicine is very useful and exactly what you want and need in many acute situations. You have major trauma or break a bone, nothing will beat today’s modern medicine to go in and repair such traumatic injuries. However, in spite of all our modern medical science, western medicine still fails miserably in many chronic conditions and diseases. This is were our body’s amazing healing powers are often the answer, if we could just access this power. Other healing arts are making headway. Explore this journey into healing and health in this great documentary; Heal. So, search Netflix, Apple iTunes, or other outlets to enjoy this scientific and spiritual journey.

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Raven Rock by Garrett M. Graff

Raven Rock by Garrett M. Graff

Raven Rock by Garrett M. Graff is a very detailed look at the U.S. Governments plans to survive a nuclear attack and how it has evolved over its life. The author, through thousands of interviews and declassified documents pieces together a very detailed history of this program that started with the invention of nuclear weapons. He takes you through its evolution during different presidencies and how it changed after the end of the cold war and again after the September 11th attacks on U.S. soil.

Raven Rock is one of the giant government hardened sites in a cave that was carved into Raven Rock mountain. There are others like it that were kept highly secret for years and some that were not kept secret like the famous NORAD.

The author gets into some fascinating details like how many of they key officials they deem necessary to keep the government running and respond to a nuclear attack would not be able to bring their spouses and families to the hardened sites. The government would basically save itself and the rest of us are left to die. Additionally, he illustrates many of the extreme complexities of getting key officials to safety, continuation of government, and communication to deploy our own nuclear arsenal while under nuclear attack. Another fascinating part of such a scenario would be predicted survival rates for the American population as well as the martial law and suspension of the U.S. Constitution they would be subjected to.

This is a little bit of a longer read with a lot of detail but, a fascinating dive into this topic for sure. So as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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4th Generation Warfare Handbook by William S. Lind & Lt. Col. Gregory A. Thiele USMC

4th Generation Warfare Handbook by William S. Lind & Lt. Col. Gregory A. Thiele USMC is a very concise look at how fighting in modern 4th Generation wars is very different than the previous generations of warfare. Modern 4th Generation warfare is characterized by many differences from previous generations such as it’s not always state vs state but more commonly is state vs insurgents or radical groups using guerrilla warfare tactics. This requires a different kind of preparedness by a different kind of fighter with different strategies and tactics.

These two military insiders give a great introduction to the topic and how to prepare for 4th generation warfare in a very concise and useful fashion. Whether you are military personnel or a civilian seeking greater understanding to the conflicts we see today this is a useful and interesting read. So as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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The Law by Frederic Bastiat

The Law by Frederic Bastiat

Frederic Bastiat was a French economist in the early 1800’s. His most famous book, The Law, is really a short 75 page pamphlet that was originally published in 1850. This short, easy to read pamphlet, is one of the most clearly written and brilliantly argued logical case for liberty, individual freedom, and free markets ever penned.  Additionally, he illustrates the proper role for Law and when the Law gets hijacked to do harm. His brilliant arguments make the case that socialism is completely illogical and immoral. Additionally, he shows how socialism and communism are ultimately the very same thing just differing slightly in degree and execution. This is a brilliant classic worth everyone’s time. So as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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DOCUMENTARY: The Creepy Line (2018) Directed by M.A. Taylor

DOCUMENTARY: The Creepy Line (2018) Directed by M.A. Taylor

The Creepy Line is a fascinating new documentary. It addresses some real issues coming to the forefront about how Google and Facebook. Not only are their business models completely based on profiling and surveillance, but this documentary goes even further into how they manipulate their users. Near the end of the documentary they interview Dr. Robert Epstein, a Harvard trained psychologist that has done some ground breaking controlled double blind, randomized studies on SEME (Search Engine Manipulation Effect) which is how they manipulate their users and what impact this has. His work is incredible on how these giants are exerting “mind control”.  I highly recommend this YouTube video of one of Dr. Epstein’s lectures at Stanford.

This is a very important documentary, way ahead of its time. If you think you are getting non-biased information when you research things online, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you are one of those folks that nonchalantly say “so what if they surveil us, I have nothing to hide” then you badly need to break out of your self-induced ignorance and understand the future, it’s here! These are huge issues with implications far beyond your own personal secrets being surveilled by these companies. This is a must see documentary!

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Above All Else by Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

Above All Else by Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

In Above All Else Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld tells the story from his introduction to skydiving through his journey to becoming a World Champion 4-Way and 8-Way competitor. As a skydiver myself for 25 years I was aware of Dan BC and team’s story at some level. His journey was taking place during the time period of my involvement in Skydiving. I was curious to hear this story first hand and was not disappointed. This is a great uplifting book for skydivers and non-skydivers alike.

Dan BC became addicted to the sport of skydiving very much the same as all of us that love the sport. His journey led him into many decades of competitive 4-way skydiving. Along the way he was in a plane crash in the early 90’s where 16 skydivers on board died including some of his team mates. He was seriously injured and describes a very impactful near-death experience. After many weeks in a coma, he awoke to news he can never participate in skydiving again due to his broken neck.

Dan BC tells his story of overcoming such overwhelming odds only to return to skydiving to spend 3 decades in 4-way competition. They eventually formed the team able to unseat the French 4-way team that had reigned as world champions for over a half a decade. Today he continues in the sport as one of the most highly sought after 4-way and 8-way coaches in the world.

In telling his story he filled in a lot of very interesting history on the evolution of competitive skydiving in the U.S. and the World. This was a compelling and uplifting true story of overcoming obstacles, perseverance and all that it takes to become best in the world in a sport.  In the last section of the book he shares his coaching philosophy for reaching top performance. I highly recommend this uplifting true story for all. So as usual Hit The Books, They Don’t Hit Back!

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